Lets play on Linux!

Recultis is the software, which easily allows you to install your favorite cult games on Linux. It uses modern, open source engines to run the game, and download game content form digital distribution platforms (for example Steam). It works on any 64 bit Linux distribution. It does not require any installation - just download it and double click on the launcher. It is that simple! You can watch whole process on the YouTube video below.

Recultis Youtube Tutorial

News 14-10-2017

Recultis 1.2 has been released! This new version introduce:

Games from Command & Conquer series are first, that don’t require Steam account to download games content. Just click “Install” button and play!

Supported games:

Aliens vs Predator Classic 2000

Aliens vs Predator is revolutionary FPS, which combines the best of both Aliens and Predator franchises. You can play as Colonial Marine, Alien or Predator in great campaigns, single player skirmishes or in multiplayer. Each species introduce completely different play-style - Colonial Marine relies on guns; Alien who can run on walls, sneak and fast attack; and Predator with, masking suit and hunting weapons. To run this game you need to have it in your Steam Library. Game runs on avp engine.

Command & Conquer Game Series

Classic Command & Conquer games are one of the best real time strategies in the history. Wide variety of units, play styles and abilities are main focus of the series. OpenRA game engine allows you to play following titles from the franchise: Tiberian Dawn, Red Alert, Dune 2000, Tiberian Sun (pre-alpha). Games content is freeware, so you don’t need to buy anything. Just install and play.

Doom 3: BFG

Doom 3: BFG is the remaster of classic Doom 3 with all expansions. It features enhanced graphic and audio to original game. Doom 3 is one of the best FPS games of all time. Unfortunately, it was never released on Linux, but game engine was release open source. With many enhancements and new features, game is now available on Linux and it is better than ever before. Recultis uses RBDOOM-3-BFG flavor of the engine and requires game to be present in your Steam Library.

Star Wars Jedi Knight: Jedi Academy

Jedi Academy is fast and fun TPS set in Star Wars universe. Fight with Lightsabers, train yourself in Lightside or Darkside of the force. Meet your favorite characters from the original series and uncover the plot of evil Empire. This great game was never released on Linux, but thanks to the source code release, the engine is now developed in OpenJK project. To run the game by Recultis, you need to have it in your Steam Library.

The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind

Morrowind is revolutionary RPG. With open world, endless possibilities and interesting story. What is more, it has well done 3D art and feature great character development. Morrowind was never released on Linux. Fortunately team of developers are working hard on OpenMW project to provide us drop in replacement for original Morrowind engine with tons of new features. To run this game you need to have it in your Steam Library.


Classic Quake is one of the firs game ever, which used OpenGL for 3D graphic. It is pioneer which started popularization of this portable API. Quake is dark theme first person shooter, successor of Doom series. You walk in a maze full of monsters and kill them with multiple cool weapons. Original source code of Quake was open-sourced and since then has been developed under Darkplaces project. Thanks to that, you can now play this game natively on Linux, using modern technologies.

Quake II

Quake II is the successor of great protagonist. It introduced better graphic, new weapons, enemies and amazing multiplayer. The game is great improvement to the original. It is first person shooter which was most advanced game of its times. Original engine of the game was open-sourced and is now developed under the project Yamagi Quake II. Thanks to that we can all play this game with tons of improvements and using modern technologies.

X-COM: UFO Defense

X-COM: UFO Defense is legendary game in which you lead X-COM organization establish to fight against alien invasion. You need to arm and prepare your soldiers to fight with the enemy from the stars, gain their technology and use it against them. Fight on the battlefields, research new technologies, interact with words political affairs. This game is deep and multidimensional strategy. To run this game you need to have it in your Steam Library. Game runs on OpenXcom engine.

More to come…

There are plenty of games, with open source engines, which Recultis will implement in near future. If your favorite game is still missing, please let us know.